Mrs. Christine Kizanye .K
  • Name:

    Mrs. Christine Kizanye .K

  • KAP Title:

    Field Officer and Office Secretary

  • Education:

    Grade III Teaching (education)

  • Addition Trainings:

    Counselling, Health Education, Project management, Nutrition Education, Credit & Cash Management, Office administration, Income Generating Project Management, Data collection and Data management.

  • Skills:

    Mrs. Christine Kizanye .K is a professional teacher with experience of more than 10yrs having worked as a Mathematics teacher in primary schools. Mrs. Christine is also an experienced counselor having worked with Medical Research Council and Uganda Cares as a counselor for people infected with HIV/AIDS. She is also experienced in nutrition requirements to facilitate the voluntary adoption of eating and other nutrition-related behaviors conducive to health and well-being. Mrs. Christine is also experienced in leading small women project groups as well as cash/finance management of these groups

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